The Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance is an international teacher education and awarding body for Classical Ballet. Ninette DeValois and Frederick Ashton established it in 1920 with the aim of developing and maintaining the highest possible standard of teaching. This remains its objective today.

Teachers following the R.A.D. system encourage students to achieve their personal best in understanding, appreciation and performance of Classical Ballet. Whatever age or stage they may have reached, students who study with an R.A.D. dance trained teacher can be confident that they are receiving a comprehensive, well-structured and relevant education in Classical Ballet. They can be sure that they will be taught according to safe principles and that they will be evaluated through progressively structured graded examinations. Registered teachers follow a voluntary code of Professional Conduct endorsed by the Council for Dance Education and Training (UK) & other leading dance organisations.

The Royal Academy of Dance has an international Board of Examiners resident throughout the world. Examiners, who are experienced and respected teachers, must undergo a rigorous selection process and training programme before being appointed as an Examiner. Their professional expertise, together with the ability to create a welcoming and reassuring environment in the exam studio, will ensure the necessary personal qualities and high professional standards expected of the Examining Board.